Goodbye 2008

Well I wasn’t very good at writing more often, I spent too much time thinking “oh I would write about that, but maybe I should wait until something else happens” as if my life is exciting… These were the dying moments of 2008.

After NXE killed my 360s GPU I sent it off to Germany to be fixed and actually got the same one back! Shame they managed to leave black scuff marks all over the front :( It was pristine when I sent it out. Grrrr. Might be time to stick a decal on that now like the Wii I guess. Sadly Microsoft are completely mental and not only did they not inform me the 360 was fixed and being sent back until 2 days after I’d received it, but now they keep e-mailing me to remind me that they haven’t received my 360 for repair yet… Mad. Well NXE doesn’t seem to have broken it yet, even though it now looks like total arse through HDMI. At least I can play stuff. Bought myself Rock Band 2 to cheer myself up. Loving it so far, kind of liking the way you can mix & match levels, though the OCD side of me doesn’t know how to cope with not working through it on Easy then Medium then Hard then Expert. Songs are great though.

Since I started writing this entry I’ve actually played through most of Rock Band 2 (I’ve joined the Rolling Stone Rock Immortals List). Been gold starring quite a few songs on bass which I’ve never really tried before. That probably makes me happier than it should :)

Really need to buy a 120Gb HDD for the 360 (don’t be silly I’m not buying the Microsoft one!) then I can stick a few more games on the HDD and transfer the Rock Band songs to Rock Band 2. 20Gb was fine at the time, but now it’s a little puny. Kna‘s gone through the process and the world didn’t end so it’s time for me to give it a try.

I bought myself the 8Gb iPod Touch on Black Friday, I also used QuidCo so got quite a nice saving and cashback combination going on. I love it to pieces. A bit weird getting used to having so little space (it replaced an 80Gb iPod Video) but the coolness factor makes up for that. Only real gripe I have with it is that a lot of the apps are made for the iPhone and so try and work out your location using GPS on startup… the Touch doesn’t have GPS so it gets quite annoying. I’d like to be able to enter somewhere in the settings to say where I am or something. I’ve filled the poor thing with free apps too. Gradually working out which ones I can get rid of and which ones are keepers. Oh yeah and thanks a lot Apple for changing the Touch 2G (and iPhone) to use USB only for charging and not the usual hybrid of firewire and USB, now none of my old docks will charge the Touch – baaaaah!

My laptop died the other day (12″ G4 PowerBook), it’s been good to me for years but now refuses to charge. I will take it apart and have a nose about but I need a new one. I can’t afford another laptop let alone another Apple one so I’m looking at netbooks. Ultimately I really want the black Samsung NC10. It’s lovely. It’s also still over £300. Which sucks :( There is the Acer One with Linpus for £180 but it doesn’t come in black and it only has a tiny weeny 3hr battery (8hrs for the NC10). However, I could get the Acer + 9cell battery + decal for over £100 less than the NC10. Which is quite tempting. Baaah if I had a job right now I’d get the Acer without even thinking and get the NC10 as well when the price comes down a bit (probably in March when the MkII and the NC12 get released). Not sure I can survive with no laptop for that long though…

Finally going to get my new phone on Friday too. Upgrading my BlackBerry Pearl 8100g to a Bold 9000. Tried to upgrade a couple of weeks ago but was told it would be £250 to upgrade, or free if I waited until Friday 2nd January… errrr, I’ll wait please! I think my phone knows it’s being replaced though as it’s started wiping my text messages even when the memory doesn’t look full. There are at least 3 messages that I’ll never receive as they tipped it over the edge in the last week. So damn annoying!

Published: January 1st, 2009 at 17:24
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