Birthdays, Schooldays & iPods

First off thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes, presents, etc. :) I had a pretty good birthday this year. Dyed my hair stupidly bright orange and purple. Went to the Turtle, met up with some friends for drinks and then headed on over to ZeroDegrees for yummy pizzas. Checked out the new Rising landlords too. They’ve cleaned the place up a lot, but insist on having all the lights on full brightness all the time and they’ve taken the side shades off the strip light above the table football table. I spent most of the time blinded and my mates were all silhouettes.

Got most of my OU stuff through. I’ve managed to read all my set texts, in fact I only have the DVD of ‘Bhaji on the Beach‘ left to watch. Looked through my Assignment questions and got terrified! Looked at the student forums and saw almost everyone doing AA100 is equally terrified – felt much better! :) Got my Tutorial dates through as well, was a bit miffed at first as I’m meant to get to Oxford (for the record, bloody miles away) for 09:30 on a few Saturdays which is never gonna happen. Luckily an e-mail from my Tutor confirms these aren’t mandatory – phew! I’m hoping to OD on the on-line aids provided so I don’t miss out too much from not attending the day schools.

Went to listen to my iPod (5.5G 80Gb) on Saturday and it refused to play. It whirrs up but just sits at 00:00. Video seems to crash it completely. Reset it about 8 or 9 times with no joy. Did a full restore, still dead. Found quite a few others have had this happen since the latest firmware update (v1.3). Downgraded the firmware to v1.2.3, still no joy. Going to try putting RockBox on it and see if that works. It’s out of warranty and getting it fixed would cost as much as getting a new one. :( I don’t mind getting a new one so much, but I hate the thought of getting rid of this when everything except music/video works on it! Even if it’s just an expensive Mah Jongg player, it’s something!

Published: September 23rd, 2008 at 14:51
Categories: Life, OU
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