Redpolls and Bramblings

This Spring we seem to have attracted some new species to the garden. When I first got the Nyjer Seed feeders we got more Greenfinches and then the odd Siskin before it was completely overtaken by a mad family of Goldfinches. This year the Redpolls seem to have worked out it’s there and have camped out on it every day for weeks. They get through it like there’s no tomorrow too! Such sweet little beasties :)

The main seed feeder has seen a battle for supremacy between the Chaffinches and the newly arrived Bramblings. The Bramblings are kicking arse. They’re like little pigs with wings though, I’ve never known us to have to fill the feeders this often! Birds rock :D

I must find pics to add!

Published: March 11th, 2008 at 23:58
Categories: Animals, birds