Alchemy! (I made some silver)

After pondering for ages on exactly what PMC I was going to purchase I finally bought some a couple of weeks ago and had to wait until yesterday for it to arrive. I moulded a small piece last night, let it dry overnight and sanded off the rough edges this morning. I just fired it (cook’s blowtorch ftw) and polished it.

I’m pretty damn pleased with the result :) It’s not fantastic, it seems it wasn’t completely dry and so popped slightly when I started firing it, but as a first attempt. Not bad.

I’ve fitted a silver jump-ring to it and I might even wear it out later :) I’m pondering tarnishing it a bit in some Liver of Sulphur and then re-polishing the highlights so the pattern stands out a little more.

Now onto designing some more :D

Published: March 7th, 2008 at 12:47
Categories: Craft, Jewellery, Life
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