Survive Style 5+ (beautifully mental Japanese film)

A few years ago I heard about a film called Survive Style 5+ and it sounded pretty cool so I wrote down the name on a notepad. As time went by I moved it to my WishList. It stayed there for a couple of years, but no-one bought it for me. As my folks were in Florida and I was sick of getting no post, I ordered it from I watched it about a week ago…

WOW! It is now in my top 5 films list! I love it! It’s completely mental, really laugh out loud funny the whole way through. The fight scenes look brilliant. The colours are magical. It even manages to have a real lump-in-throat moment near the end. It bombards you with mentalness and then suddenly BAM! Hits you full on with something so wonderful it makes you want to cry. It’s likened to Pulp Fiction quite a bit due to the 5 seemingly unrelated stories intertwining, and Pulp Fiction is also one of my favourite films… but I think Survive Style 5+ tops it. The soundtrack is fantastic and upbeat, I’m going to try and get hold of as much of it as I can.

The storylines go like this:

  • A man (with an awesome house) kills and buries his wife, only for her to return. Rinse and repeat for the films duration. By far the best and main story. Tadanobu Asano was probably the main reason I heard about this film and wrote it down.
  • A middle-management father takes his family to the “Viva Friends!” hypnotist show. He’s hypnotised to believe he is a bird before a hitman shows up and kills the hypnotist leaving him as a bird.
  • Three young burglers out to have fun, suppressing their secret love for each other. (MUCH funnier than it sounds, Jai West’s facial expression is brilliant).
  • An English hitman (Vinnie Jones in probably his best cast role ever) who wants to know everyone/things function in life.
  • An advertising executive with a bizarre sense of humour is inspired by all around her. (This actually seems like the story that doesn’t need to be told. As if this part isn’t really of the glue that holds the rest together. However, when you take into account the fact that the whole film is like one giant advert and the directors are more used to directing commercials… you realise it is probably one of the more important storylines. And the 2 schoolgirls in the diner are hilarious, not to mention the small role by Sonny Chiba).
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    Published: January 28th, 2008 at 16:03
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