Bastard Villains

There’s an update to my previous post about my credit card woes. I still haven’t had the amount credited back to me. While I have just been re-assured again that I won’t have to pay, I don’t like that amount sitting on my card for so long. It means my limit is far too close. An emergency now would be disastrous.

However, it would appear I now have the address of the ****s who used my card. They share my surname, so it seems as though my details could well have been sold to them. What makes me really, really angry to the point of my blood boiling though… is that they are clearly better off than me. So why not use your own money you evil, thieving bastards!

This is the woman whose name is on the invoice I’ve just received from

She doesn’t look like an internet criminal, she looks like my techno-phobe mother. Looks can be deceiving.

Published: December 3rd, 2007 at 19:20
Categories: Life, Rant, Shopping
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