I’m not sure what it is, but right now everyone seems to be on about web-hosting. I’ve had countless conversations lately about which hosts are good (Site5) and which are bad (34sp).

I used to have this site hosted on 34sp and they used to be great… then one day they got a bit crap. It was quite expensive, you didn’t get much space, they really limited what you could do and you had to provide reasons as to why you wanted things like shell access. I went over my 50mb limit a few times and they repeatedly removed scripts from my website saying they contravened their rules (which is fair enough, but was still annoying). 50mb is quite a pathetic amount of space, and I only had access to 1 mysql database which is OK with table prefixes, but really… 1?

Anyhoo, I was talking on #bit-tech a couple of years ago and someone mentioned Site5 and what great deals they had going. I had a look and was gob smacked that I could get over 50gb for less money than I was paying 34sp for just 50mb. That day I switched and haven’t looked back.

Site5 are pretty awesome. They randomly do even more awesomer (it’s not a word, but it should be) deals for holidays and when they feel like it. I’ve not had any downtime that wasn’t maintenance. It’s fair to say I love them. Sadly I can’t have all my domain names managed with them (not hosting, the actual domain name purchasey bit) as they don’t do .tc domains so some of mine are still with 34sp. Hosting is sticking with them 100% though.

It’s only fair to say, yeah I have stuck my referrer link in here, sorry, but they’re awesome and if they want to give me free hosting for letting people know how great they are…. I’m not going to stop them :)

I recently looked back at what 34sp were offering and while it definitely looks better than it was. It isn’t enough to stop me recommending Site5 to all my friends :) I know this looks like a giant ad for them and in a way I guess it just is, but rest assured I wouldn’t post this unless I’d used these guys for over 2 years and had outstanding service from them. They rock, and this is me saying thanks.

Site5 $5 Hosting Deal

Published: November 20th, 2007 at 20:01
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