I’ve been depressed again the last couple of days. No real reason for it at all. I just want a big hug and to be told everything will be OK.

My weekends right now are awesome, fun-packed. But the weeks… the weeks are bad. It’s getting worse. I know this is just because I’m leaving work. I am getting home stressed, managing to claw back some semblance of happiness by using every Sanctuary Spa product I can find and plonking myself down next to my uber nice TV.

Last night that just didn’t work. I found myself getting a headache and getting to sleep just wasn’t happening. I still have the headache today. I hope this cloud clears. I have no real reason to feel so rubbish :o(

Add to that the fact that PodPads for this years Latitude are a whopping £399.95… even with the £50 refundable deposit… err no thanks! Which means camping alone. I hate camping. I hate tents. And I also hate the fact that the tent is not lockable or in the VIP area like the PodPads. But I just can’t afford to spend £500 just for a festival. Looks like this won’t be such a great festival for me after all. Lugging a tent all that way was not my plan.

Anyhoo, I have a headache still… but I’ve bought looooads more Sanctuary Kyphi stuff. I shall get home tonight and block it all out.

Published: March 29th, 2007 at 10:00
Categories: Gigs, Life, Shopping, work
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