Just when everything was coming together…

Yesterday things were looking up. I had my Wii, I’d made a cake, I had a day off work, I had plans for the weekend. Most importantly though, I’d been offered redundancy at work.

I’ve been on TUPE since I started with IBM because I knew redundancies were coming up and the Civil Service package is double that of the IBM package. It’s 1 month pay for every year worked. I have been stuck in this shit-hole for 11 years. So that was looking to a be a pretty sweet deal.

I talked it over with my folks, even got them to see that with that kind of money in the bank I could afford some time between jobs to relax & then to take on a job that didn’t pay so great, but was something I enjoyed.

Then today I went back to work. I find in my Lotus Notes inbox an e-mail from our Union. It seems they didn’t have time to negotiate anything. So even though I am still on Civil Service Terms & Conditions…. I am only able to take the IBM offer, with no negotiation. Whilst it is better than leaving with nothing I am absolutely devastated to be losing out on that much money. It is the difference between madly scrambling for another horrible job and spending some time to relax.

And it leaves me wondering what the fuck did I stay on TUPE for exactly?! The redundancy package was the only benefit we had. And they’ve taken that away from us. So much for Unions. They are pointless.

I have spent all morning in tears. I can see this being carried on right through the weekend… probably to the end of my fucking pathetic life.

Published: February 23rd, 2007 at 10:56
Categories: Life, work
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