Off the tablets!

At last, took my last Flucloxacillin this morning. Thank God! \o/ I feel slightly better already. I can understand why they mess with your stomach/digestive system, but I’m not sure why they gave me such intense headaches? :o( Ah well, today I am mostly trying to replenish my good bacteria (woo Yakult, Actimel, etc.) before the bad’uns get in there. Apparently you gell all kinds of nasties after Flucloxacillin being that it works mainly on skin & soft tissue. Oh yum. Anyhoo, the amount of probiotics I’ve bought there shouldn’t be much chance of that :oD

I am back at work again too :o( I had the past day & a half off as going back on the tablets was making me soooo ill again. I spent most of that time asleep though, which was a nice bonus :o) Now I have to work out if I can be bothered to go out tonight or not. If I do,I’ll probably have to leave early cos it’s a school-night… hmmmm… so undecided.

I have found out that there will be a few people out on Friday now which is good. I won’t be alone (annoying Tony) for the full night of me being back on the booze. :oD AND I get to try some of the Manuka Honey vodka I bought which smells divine! DIVINE! I TELLS THE!

Published: February 8th, 2006 at 14:38
Categories: Life
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