I'm Losing Me

Weekend got off to a good start again :o) Although it all could’ve got a bit messy, as I thought no-one was coming out I started off on double-vodka RedBulls…. then Rich appeared! So that was into double figures or something on the Smirnoff Black Ices and then AfterShock manifested itself in front of me… Argh! Waaaaay hammered.

Not out tonight or tomorrow though :o( Which is a bit poo, but back pain means I just can’t be arsed with it. Still The Mighty Boosh to look forward to next Saturday. I can’t fucking wait. I’m planning on a little drinking session before-hand so I guess it’s wise not to stay at the Turtle until 04:00 next Friday… and probably spending the night at my own house would be sensible. Boooooooo ;o)

Oooh and I ordered 2 furry hats that should arrive next week. Sexeh or what?! :oD


Published: January 28th, 2006 at 21:50
Categories: Life, Pix
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