2005 was horrendous, like being 23 all over again.

2006 has to be better. I plan to get pets, and go out less, and slowly re-hermitise as people just aren’t worth the grief. I’ll see if I can get any work to do with animal shelters, etc. I’m going to start practising my icelandic with the guy from Reykjav√≠k on IRC too. If it gets good enough I may actually go there next year.

The Rising has re-opened. The people do look a little chavvy, but have said they’re not going to change the music/style too much. It’s already improved though. I walked in to the overpowering smell of bleach. The toilets are clean, the floors are sparkling and you don’t get stuck to the tables now if you touch them. Tony is DJing Fridays again & NYE so that’s where I’ll be (as I’m staying over at Tony’s & Claire’s).

My fucking neck is still killing me from sleeping awkwardly last night. This sux. I saw The Producers tonight. Have to say I prefer the original and the stage show. It’s OK, but the jokes were aimed at little kiddies (12A) and it was a bit boring.

Published: December 29th, 2005 at 22:09
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