First off, Vicks First Defence doesn’t work. I took it at the very start of the cold and it’s developed into a nasty thing anyway. Makes me wonder what the Vicks stuff was for as it stings like hell, makes me sneeze and tasted foul for hours. :o/ So I am officially a snot monster for Xmas & New Year yet AGAIN. Story of my bloody life :o(

On the other hand, Internet shopping rules! I’ve been so slack this year what with everything that’s been happening *sob* So I only got round to doing my Xmas shopping last Sunday. By yesterday afternoon everything had arrived :oD That rox soooo much. No standing in queues with annoying mothers & children for me.

So I treated myself to buying loads of oils & candles & herby things – rah! Hopefully I’ll get them for next week when I’m off work.

Published: December 22nd, 2005 at 8:41
Categories: Life, Shopping, Witchy
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