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I managed to do stuff so my day off didn't feel entirely wasted :oD Clomid Pregnancy Success Rates, I only did a little hoovering in the end. Just couldn't be arsed for the most part, 30mg Clomid Pregnancy Success Rates. Clomid Pregnancy Success Rates india, Didn't dye my hair at all, so it looks like I'll either have a mad rush to do it on Friday before I go out.., 1000mg Clomid Pregnancy Success Rates. 150mg Clomid Pregnancy Success Rates, or I'll just spend another week with bad roots & no bloooo :o/

So, what I did manage to get done was:

  • Dusted off the old Shuttle SpaceWalker (SV25)

  • Removed the un-used WiFi card from my PC

  • Found the PCI riser for the Shuttle

  • Installed the WiFi card into the Shuttle

  • Found the old PC133 SDRAM from my old PC

  • Put old RAM into Shuttle

  • Booted up Shuttle - it worked. \o/

  • Installed various drivers & FileZilla onto Shuttle

  • Started getting the last bits of data off the old HDD

  • Ordered 120GB HDD

  • Ordered a new kettle-lead (had to nick one from an old printer)

  • Ordered a USB 2.0 HDD enclosure

  • Now, 20mg Clomid Pregnancy Success Rates, Clomid Pregnancy Success Rates australia, the plan is to:

  • Rip out the old 2GB drive from the Shuttle

  • Put new 120GB drive into Shuttle

  • Plug into my monitor's 2nd input

  • Stick spare Windows 2000 Pro on there

  • Install all the drivers

  • Install FileZilla

  • Install Ultr@VNC (can you see where this is heading?)

  • Install Azureus/ABC (not decided yet, but some Bit-Torrent client)

  • Test Ultr@VNC from my PC & the PowerBook

  • Move Shuttle over to the living-room

  • Boot up

  • Remote On

  • Log in to UK Nova

  • Set off downloads

  • Relax...

  • Then:

  • Use HDD enclosure to get the data off the 200GB drive for the HTPC (AKA "Forever Work In Progress")

  • Burn LOADS of data to DVD to clear down main PC's HDD (cluttered is an understatement, Clomid Pregnancy Success Rates usa, 50mg Clomid Pregnancy Success Rates, should reformat... but can't be arsed just yet)

  • Use HDD enclosure to format 2GB drive (NTFS I guess)

  • Use 2GB HDD in enclosure to farm around LARGE files as needed

  • Hoorah. At last I have made plans that are easily do-able AND I get to recycle old hardware. :oD.

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    Published: November 17th, 2004 at 20:01
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