W00t… ish…

I managed to do stuff so my day off didn’t feel entirely wasted :oD

I only did a little hoovering in the end. Just couldn’t be arsed for the most part. Didn’t dye my hair at all, so it looks like I’ll either have a mad rush to do it on Friday before I go out… or I’ll just spend another week with bad roots & no bloooo :o/

So, what I did manage to get done was:

  • Dusted off the old Shuttle SpaceWalker (SV25)
  • Removed the un-used WiFi card from my PC
  • Found the PCI riser for the Shuttle
  • Installed the WiFi card into the Shuttle
  • Found the old PC133 SDRAM from my old PC
  • Put old RAM into Shuttle
  • Booted up Shuttle – it worked! \o/
  • Installed various drivers & FileZilla onto Shuttle
  • Started getting the last bits of data off the old HDD
  • Ordered 120GB HDD
  • Ordered a new kettle-lead (had to nick one from an old printer)
  • Ordered a USB 2.0 HDD enclosure
  • Now, the plan is to:

  • Rip out the old 2GB drive from the Shuttle
  • Put new 120GB drive into Shuttle
  • Plug into my monitor’s 2nd input
  • Stick spare Windows 2000 Pro on there
  • Install all the drivers
  • Install FileZilla
  • Install Ultr@VNC (can you see where this is heading?)
  • Install Azureus/ABC (not decided yet, but some Bit-Torrent client)
  • Test Ultr@VNC from my PC & the PowerBook
  • Move Shuttle over to the living-room
  • Boot up
  • Remote On
  • Log in to UK Nova
  • Set off downloads
  • Relax…
  • Then:

  • Use HDD enclosure to get the data off the 200GB drive for the HTPC (AKA “Forever Work In Progress”)
  • Burn LOADS of data to DVD to clear down main PC’s HDD (cluttered is an understatement, should reformat… but can’t be arsed just yet)
  • Use HDD enclosure to format 2GB drive (NTFS I guess)
  • Use 2GB HDD in enclosure to farm around LARGE files as needed
  • Hoorah! At last I have made plans that are easily do-able AND I get to recycle old hardware! :oD

    Published: November 17th, 2004 at 20:01
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