Cipro And Pregnancy

Cipro And Pregnancy, Work was pooh... Cipro And Pregnancy mexico, the bloody server room & basement flooded cos an aircon machine died & spewed water out everywhere. Niiice, Cipro And Pregnancy india. Cipro And Pregnancy uk, All the systems went down at about 11:30, combined with a fire alarm, Cipro And Pregnancy paypal. 10mg Cipro And Pregnancy, So, we couldn't do ANY work, 250mg Cipro And Pregnancy. However, being the nice people they are, they wouldn't let us go home until 16:00/17:00 :o(

I did get the lab re-cabled though, which will make life LOADS easier, Cipro And Pregnancy. 20mg Cipro And Pregnancy, Also kept the tidying bug at home & managed to get my room semi-tidied. Did a bit of the living room too, Cipro And Pregnancy australia. 150mg Cipro And Pregnancy, Might do the bathroom quickly tomorrow before going out. What an exciting life I lead!, 200mg Cipro And Pregnancy.

Another bonus was the IBM ADSL connection only needing to get to the Comms room, which isn't in the basement. I had MSN & IRC to keep me company \o/

A big WYH to Kna & Vic - congratulations :oD I've surprised myself at just how happy I am for you.

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Published: November 4th, 2004 at 22:45
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