Work was pooh… the bloody server room & basement flooded cos an aircon machine died & spewed water out everywhere. Niiice. All the systems went down at about 11:30, combined with a fire alarm. So, we couldn’t do ANY work. However, being the nice people they are, they wouldn’t let us go home until 16:00/17:00 :o(

I did get the lab re-cabled though, which will make life LOADS easier. Also kept the tidying bug at home & managed to get my room semi-tidied. Did a bit of the living room too. Might do the bathroom quickly tomorrow before going out. What an exciting life I lead!!

Another bonus was the IBM ADSL connection only needing to get to the Comms room, which isn’t in the basement! I had MSN & IRC to keep me company \o/

A big WYH to Kna & Vic – congratulations :oD I’ve surprised myself at just how happy I am for you!

Published: November 4th, 2004 at 22:45
Categories: Geek, Life, work
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