Right. I’m having another Ms Motivator moment. I am currently rushing round the house packing up rubbish and burning stuff. I somehow doubt this will make the place look any better, but it’s getting something done!

I am also dying my hair now. I’ve been putting it off for too long and now it looks vaguely brown and pond water-ish unless it’s under UV light, where it actually looks quite good. I may put some UV pink in it this time. It’s not a great pink, but I bitched until I got it shipped over from NY so I really should use it!

I have yet more grey hairs now *sigh* all at the left temple as well. I don’t want to be Rogue!! *cries*

I now have a fair few double ended dreads. Mostly platinum blonde, and honey blonde. Some UV purple ones and some pastel pink ones and some sparkly ones.

Now to get on with adding some longer and shorter ones of my own. Hopefully it’ll stop it looking so regimented. This is a major project for me. I’ve never left dreads in for more than an evening. I hope they look OK when they’re done :os

Published: February 21st, 2004 at 14:06
Categories: Hair, Life, Pix
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