Glug, glug, glug…

I’m still ill, but can so feel this is just a cold. My throat’s back to normal although a bit swollen still. The tablets are the ultimate in all that is vile though. They stink and taste of chemicals. Hey, I guess if they can be used to treat Anthrax (prevent I think it should be, rather than treat) then they’re not going to taste nice.

Looks like I’m stuck in all over Christmas ‘cos I don’t stop taking the tablets until New Year’s Eve. Oh well, NYE will be the first night I can drink… should be interesting.

Missed Rik’s gig last night and his & Tom’s party. Pooh. Missing Dave’s gig tonight too. Wished I could go ‘cos Steve is moving to Brooklyn (yes, the one in America) and getting married in January!! Shocking…

Still doing the code on this bloody Photograph thingy for Mum’s Christmas presents. It sux. It’s easy, just VERY monotonous *yawn*

Haven’t wrapped any presents yet, this is all getting hectic again!!

Published: December 21st, 2003 at 16:41
Categories: Gigs, Life
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